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goldsmith at work

This is one of the most classical pictures of a goldsmith at work 😄But only less than half of my working time I actually spend on making jewellery. The last two weeks I've been doing stuff on my computer. Still, looking at the completed tasks on my to do list, I have been very productive. It is not exactly the same as ending the working day with a newly made piece of jewellery on my desk 😁 But I'm starting to enjoy the computer work more and more and... it is very usefull! I managed to set up a newsletter platform, I made an email signature, I spent time on editing pictures for my website, I wrote an 'about' text for the 'Fragments' collection both in English and in Danish and started 3D designing on the computer... And so on... Now I feel that it is time to get behind my working bench again! My new wedding ring collection is waiting to be finished. It has been itching, not making anything with my hands. 😍 . Sometimes I wonder... So many people work on the computer whole days. Do you ever feel like you need to get away from the screen and make something with your hands? Or are you satisfied with some gardening, cooking or knitting in your free time to compensate? Or maybe you don't feel such need at all? Just wondering...😊

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