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it resonates with who I am

Currently moving from showing my creations as I think I'm supposed to, towards showing myself and my creations as it resonates with who I am. Even though it feels scary at times, I feel more and more the need to start sharing the stories that make me do what I do. Why do I make these collections, where do they come from. Using the colours and materials that I naturally feel attracted to. Getting beautiful support in this process from Evi Maes & Matthias Arentsen from Revolutionary Design and Jacqueline. ❤️🙏 It is exciting to start up a new business and to experience how it affects myself as a person and to grow together; me, my collections and my business. Taking steps and noticing where I stay true to myself and where I act out of what I think is expected of me. This results in a curious walk, some steps forward, some backwards, with here and there changes in direction. Times of showing myself and times of pulling back.

Thanks to everyone who's following me and my 'walk' for all the support and the love.

I'm so grateful to be surrounded (both close by and further away) with all you loving people. ❤️

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